Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Recipe 105: Toute la fruit or les fruits, aye please!

Fine Morrow’s; Oh My Dear Sir or My Dear Lady, what’s going on? Some fruity flavours or boiling with them for thee: oranges, berries or lychees; melons (1/4th per each); etc, etc! I am Mme Sophie’s  or Miss Malid’s; for my Diary’s love! 

Boil or BBQ them all with some sweet sauces (soy or vinegar), or etc on sushi, rice; meats; veggies &...

Au plaisir, guys or girls; good night’s! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Recipe 105 : Barbie Bar’s Grill; let’s please Dig in!

Welcome home on my recipes.com or to the Barbie’s Bars’ Grill please! Hello My Barbie Girl or Young Lad; how ye’s been? I’ve been wonderful; thanks!

So; shall you please have some  Spare Ribs’ from me on Asian Honey or BBQ’s for all’s: grilled or baked or fried etc; etc...

& then drink a Mai Thai please; evening guys or girls!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Recipe 104 : Some Bubble Bath’s or Romance please!

Oops? Lucky meeting ye all’s here, some bubble bath for thee: with fine Euclyptus’ or some fruits’ ones or some oils as  well please! I am Mille Lavender or Lady Rosemary’s on my Dear Diary’s morning: 

Some for you: bubble in & some petals as well: “Lavenders; Rosemary’s...” 

Merci for reading; please treat thee well! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Recipe 103 : Fine Dumplings; say please!

Sure enough; a chance meeting ye all's here; My Young Sir or My Young Maiden; hencewhenfore I’ve  thought about ye & here I’d go: to a “Dumplings’ festival or fair” , on My Diary’s.com; here’s how to; name is Miss Adele, on this Morning’s: 

I am the Lady or the Chef Alice Cullen from the Dumplings’ pub or shop: with or on some peanut butter or some ingredients (shallots; onions or so forth, etc...) & some soy sauce; vinegar! Bake or fry around (350-500 Celsius per 5!)  Anyways: hot & spicy or sweet or “veggies or meats”; no matter at all!

Along with mine compliments; some fair few or a fine dinner/fruits afterwards; some nice dreams too!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Recipe 102: An Asian Cheesecake, thanks?

With fine Asian Cheesecakes for Miss Madam or Lord Sir, please pard’ me? How do ye do on this fine evening’s, my diary? Hi, I am Mille Cheesecake! So ingredients: nuts, almonds, cheese course or indeed!

Blended together or mixed with or battered in beers or sauces (berries’ coulis or coffee’s or Japanese rice’s liquor; etc, so on...)

So have a nice night’s sleep please; everybody!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Recipe 101 : Ah my… suprise me; My Young Girl or My Young Lad!

Hey... suprise me more on my Journal’s.com, for I am Young Lady Rose or Young Mille Jessica; come over here: some Roses’ cupcakes for you all, love a wee of Lay’s “fries or chips” & some fried rice too; boil or fry too!

After it all, mind you a sunflower’s tea please: *all’s  Chinese*! Pretty much please or fair enough; fine night’s sleep everyone and see you tomorrow’s!

Recipe 100 : For one’s own Mind or thine’s Health please!

Hi again: My Dear or feel at home please on mine site’s; for Mine Favourite M’sieur or Fair Miss Maiden’s; I’m concerned or worried about you? How ye going? For massaging or relaxing as well: some Gingseng’s massage Oils & some Lao Zhao’s drinks’ mixed up together & veggies along, as well as a Lotus’soup too! Please allow me: I am Dr. Taylor or Dr. Lin for Mine Diary’s compliments! Methinks that I shall move on to Huffington’s post.com!

& “no meats at all...” I’m begging of thee all!

Please have some edible fine herbs or fine spices on it or in it too, as well as some coconut’s extract in it! Please be healthy & satisfaction’s guaranteed; so long; rest ye well...