Monday, March 4, 2013

Recipe 100 : For one’s own Mind or thine’s Health please!

Hi again: My Dear or feel at home please on mine site’s; for Mine Favourite M’sieur or Fair Miss Maiden’s; I’m concerned or worried about you? How ye going? For massaging or relaxing as well: some Gingseng’s massage Oils & some Lao Zhao’s drinks’ mixed up together & veggies along, as well as a Lotus’soup too! Please allow me: I am Dr. Taylor or Dr. Lin for Mine Diary’s compliments! Methinks that I shall move on to Huffington’s!

& “no meats at all...” I’m begging of thee all!

Please have some edible fine herbs or fine spices on it or in it too, as well as some coconut’s extract in it! Please be healthy & satisfaction’s guaranteed; so long; rest ye well...

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