Friday, March 8, 2013

Recipe 103 : Fine Dumplings; say please!

Sure enough; a chance meeting ye all's here; My Young Sir or My Young Maiden; hencewhenfore I’ve  thought about ye & here I’d go: to a “Dumplings’ festival or fair” , on My Diary’; here’s how to; name is Miss Adele, on this Morning’s: 

I am the Lady or the Chef Alice Cullen from the Dumplings’ pub or shop: with or on some peanut butter or some ingredients (shallots; onions or so forth, etc...) & some soy sauce; vinegar! Bake or fry around (350-500 Celsius per 5!)  Anyways: hot & spicy or sweet or “veggies or meats”; no matter at all!

Along with mine compliments; some fair few or a fine dinner/fruits afterwards; some nice dreams too!

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