Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recipe 95 : A Bombay’s Palace; Oh Dear?!

Fancy evening M’sieur or Miss, how ye doing’s or going’s? I’m pleased or mind some dishes or foods from the Bombay’s Palace & so Indian Foods at all please?

Called Miss Meyer or the Indian Lady!

Please I’m begging of thou: some fine Indian dishes for ye all’s tonight’s on my Diary’s: some Malasa’s Chai  or fries or chips; mine favourite: a Chicken’s Tandoori or just eat some hot & spicy soup, rice really! Have a nice dinner, Good Night; bye!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Recipe 94 : Would you please; some Thai Patties please!

Please allow me or would ye mind joining me in some Messires or Mesdames? Some Thai Patties on My Diary’s  Morrow’s? From the Thai’s Express: 

The Princess Jasmin or Madam’s Thai there and here’s some for thee : 

(Jasmins; mints; cinnamons; saffron’s or lilies’ etc; so on… hot chillies; curries’;  tandoori’s!)

& Please wish for this dish or be grateful for some Thai Drinks for example (Mai Thai; later on My Young Girl or My Young Lad!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Recipe 93 : Japanese Wines or Liquors per sure!

Good Morning Dear Messires or Mesdames, please forgive me or pardon me, a Sakura’s Wine or a Plum’s Liquor for ye all? Some “Sakura’s” crushed petals & “Plum” along! As well as some *Lavenders, Roses, Lilies...!*For I am Miss Rose or Mille Plum!
May ye have some other flowers in them & rice  please!
Thank you for the drink everyone, Good Afternoon!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Recipe 92: Please Check-in everybody!

Please check-in Folks! A gentleman’s Portier or a fine Lady Valet’s too or fancy seeing you there! Some hotel’s soirée for 1 or a couple! I am The Lady Violet or  Sophie for mine Precious’ Diary!
Whilst thou please spare some Shangria (with Asian Berries or Red Wines/White ones) along or an Asian’s 5-stars’dinner for reserving or won’t ye wish to? Tis on ye; & enjoy your stay or please check-out afterwards; Good night; Ladies or Sirs!

Recipe 91 : Burger King’s; as you please too!

Mind me or please I’m back; Mine Fine Kings or Mine Fair Queens; so fine an afternoon; everybody; what’s the matter with you? A Burger’s King’s “as ye wish” or “on special’s Trio” from the Manager Mrs. Colleen! 

So bake or fry some crisps or fries; Asian pickles (Aneth) & onions; as well as some: Ketchup... relish, Asian’s sweet mustard... 

Mine pleasure to serve to My Lords  or My Ladies: some BK’s fries or crisps &  please expect everything you’d wished for; anything ye’d hoped for along with an Asian Sprite’s or Soft Drinks too please; thanks to all Guests’ there!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recipe 90 : Asia’s Finest Seafoods’ & Sweets please!

Mine bad or shall we please? My Dear Diary or Welcome back on mine site’s or Greetings’Home; what’s up; My Lord or My Lady? How ye’ve been this Week-End? Please mind some fine or fairest Asia’s Seafoods or desserts! I’m feeling well & I’d wish ye well or fine fortunes’ too! Named Mille Kaynil or Miss Courtney’s!

Some pictures for all of you here to see (grilled about or baked around 350-400 Celsius) & then mind you please some sweets or desserts; (made of flour or dough): teas or Asian coffees! 

“Thanks for the foods & drinks or the meal!”; also see you in whilst...

P.S: All images are a “courtesy from Imgur or Tinypics or Photobucket’s or Hostingpics’”

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recipe 89: Asian Massage's Oils; I'm begging!

Ah my... Morning or please forgive me; please do care for yourself; are thee well? Mine flowers to Mine Dear Miss Madam or Mine Favourite Young Sir; some Asian’s Massages’ Oils please (Asian Ingredients’ guaranteed!) Sure enough; I am Mille Sakura’s or Bella actually for Mine Diary’s fortune’s: 

Some Sesame’s or Aloe Vera’s;  Almonds; Sakura’s (1/6  per bottle) Green/Red Teas; Spices along with baked or grilled and crushed too!

Well; fare thine well & au plaisir’s all!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Recipe 88: Vita’s Sugarcane’s Juices please!

Hi ye all or Introducing to Mine’s; some Sugarcanes’  Juice; courtesy or coming from me please?  Some facial masks for all too please? So, fair enough, some Vita’s Sugarcane’s juices for ye all there! My name is Young Mille Vita or Sugarcane’s, how do you do; My Girl’s Diary? 

First of all; please get some Sugarcanes’ or Guava’s fruits; make some juices out of it please! & after that; please boil or cook over (preheated over 350-375 Celsius) 

As per mine teachings or bidings; have some rice & teas please or I’m “at thine mercy’s!” so please! Mind ye a Thaie cheesecake too or along!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Recipe 87 : Fine Asian Desserts or have a “cookie!” please!

Fine Morrow’s or enchantée all? How fortunate to know thee there or a great honour’s? Please mind some fine Asian desserts & cookie by far along! I shall presento you some anyways for Mine Diary! For I am the dessert Lady or Mille Suzy!
Ingredients: some Ginger or Ginseng; tofu’s for thine health (preheated stove over 350 Celsius’s); some pictures for the Fine Sir or the Fair Mademoiselle? Please enjoy; sooner or later or till Yond!

Recipe 86 : “A table’s Reserved...”

For 1 or two or “À la cartes!” or “on the  Diary’s List”. Some elegant fruits or meats for a couple or 1 person! Salut; name is Miss Lucia!

Cold or hot entrées & then a dinner for two! A chicken perhaps or a dessert for the “table!”


Friday, February 15, 2013

Recipe 85 : An “all ye may eat” please?

Well well; Good Noon’s Folks;  please would thee join me in an “all ye might eat or all ye may eat?” I’d like to welcome ye all to “an all ye can eats’ or all ye might eats’” buffet! Mille Buffet’s there  or Sushi Lady’s here!

Some sushi boats for ye all’s or mind ye “a salad’s or desserts’ bar!” along or too  or Japanese’s breakfast’s club as well!

Pretty much a may ye have some & tips to the Fine Waitress!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Recipe 84 : Roses are red or “Mine Love Letter to thee”!

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Young Man; ye've had me at "Hello's?" Shall I be asking ye out on a date or how I’m loving you so much!  Mine Darling or My Beloved, thee promised me please! So I’d wish for a Sweet-Heart on the 14th? It’s fortunate or how lucky to meet ye here; how ye going? Please have some cinnamon’s hearts; some chocolate mints’; some beautiful flowers for her or him! Howdy; for I am Miss Valentine’s & Blessings for everyone!

Some honey as well or some surprises or gifts ideas for her/him in store!

Please avoid a “heart-break!” or  “good fortune on thine’s dates”! & please serve them fancy & sweet ; I’d bid thee to take good care of thine Sweet-Hearts & please tell them: “I’ve missed ye so much”! or “till Yond!” or adieu & "God bless you on thine's date!"
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