Monday, February 18, 2013

Recipe 88: Vita’s Sugarcane’s Juices please!

Hi ye all or Introducing to Mine’s; some Sugarcanes’  Juice; courtesy or coming from me please?  Some facial masks for all too please? So, fair enough, some Vita’s Sugarcane’s juices for ye all there! My name is Young Mille Vita or Sugarcane’s, how do you do; My Girl’s Diary? 

First of all; please get some Sugarcanes’ or Guava’s fruits; make some juices out of it please! & after that; please boil or cook over (preheated over 350-375 Celsius) 

As per mine teachings or bidings; have some rice & teas please or I’m “at thine mercy’s!” so please! Mind ye a Thaie cheesecake too or along!

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