Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recipe 90 : Asia’s Finest Seafoods’ & Sweets please!

Mine bad or shall we please? My Dear Diary or Welcome back on mine site’s or Greetings’Home; what’s up; My Lord or My Lady? How ye’ve been this Week-End? Please mind some fine or fairest Asia’s Seafoods or desserts! I’m feeling well & I’d wish ye well or fine fortunes’ too! Named Mille Kaynil or Miss Courtney’s!

Some pictures for all of you here to see (grilled about or baked around 350-400 Celsius) & then mind you please some sweets or desserts; (made of flour or dough): teas or Asian coffees! 

“Thanks for the foods & drinks or the meal!”; also see you in whilst...

P.S: All images are a “courtesy from Imgur or Tinypics or Photobucket’s or Hostingpics’”

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