Thursday, February 14, 2013

Recipe 84 : Roses are red or “Mine Love Letter to thee”!

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Young Man; ye've had me at "Hello's?" Shall I be asking ye out on a date or how I’m loving you so much!  Mine Darling or My Beloved, thee promised me please! So I’d wish for a Sweet-Heart on the 14th? It’s fortunate or how lucky to meet ye here; how ye going? Please have some cinnamon’s hearts; some chocolate mints’; some beautiful flowers for her or him! Howdy; for I am Miss Valentine’s & Blessings for everyone!

Some honey as well or some surprises or gifts ideas for her/him in store!

Please avoid a “heart-break!” or  “good fortune on thine’s dates”! & please serve them fancy & sweet ; I’d bid thee to take good care of thine Sweet-Hearts & please tell them: “I’ve missed ye so much”! or “till Yond!” or adieu & "God bless you on thine's date!"
Hebergeur d'image
Hebergeur d'image

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