Thursday, January 31, 2013

Recipe 70 : Bingo; Dangos please!

So howdy guys;  I’m back;  right on impulse or by the way or have some Dangos just for ye all! How to? Some flour/dough or some red sugar or brown sugar or eggs; or some soy milk please, & bake into oven (375-400 Celsius)

I am the Dango Girl or Lady yes hello?

Very fine or fun or indeed, serve hot & sweet; Mine Gents or Sirs; please treat yourself some Japanese fizzy lizzy drinks as well & thank ye all’s for reading; au Revoir!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Recipe 69 : Bailey’s Irish Whisky’ Cakes!

Hello; please might ye please; Mine Grace or Mine Count; some (right on the spur of the 

moment’s recipe) ½ Bailey’s Irish Whisky’s shots (some fresh Asian Cheese); right now & make some cheesecake, or some cakes or some Sakura’s cream out of it; hi... I am Miss Bailey’s! I’m very excited or I’d wish for some because “oh really; amazing!”

As per mine bidings; serve  hot & spicy into some molds & then bake (over preheated stove or oven 350-375 Celsius)

Have some coffee or tea in it (or on it); either way works fair or dandy really! So please, would ye mind? & some elegant or romantic dinner please!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Recipe 68 : Asian Pizzas Please!

Hello everyone; how ye all going? I’m very into or they’re mine favourites please... oh mine Lady  Girl’s Diary! So fine Pizza Lady’s or fan’s here!

Some Chinese Pizzas (along with some shallots/onions; Oriental Cheese!) & some tomatoe’s sauce or BBQ’s or some Sushi Pizzas or sauce on it; red hot chilli peppers indeed!

Yes I know, it’s already been said & done many times over & “I’m not being very original nor unique” but; it doth not matter; I’d still wish for it once more! So please comment some! Have some  Asian Drinks along & please rest  ye well; all!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Recipe 67 : Merry Asian Valentine’s please!

Hello; what’s up? I shall be your Hostess for today’s Asian Valentine’s; let’s please discuss “our heart matters   “please say you’ll be mine” or “our hearts’ affairs”; Mine Good Young Man? Yes I know; I’m “a bit” early; but that nevermind at all please! Some chocolates; some ice creams, sweets & bonbons; spare a wee of thought just for ye all’s sweet-hearts! So fine enough, some chocolates (berries; mints), ice creams & etc; etc! Name is Lady Love or Miss Joy;  how do you do?

Asian  of course or fine, (Asian Sakura’s sweets & some Asian’s sweets’ teas) & some Asian’s juices; some marshmallow’s per sure, Sirs or Ladies! Best of luck on ye all’s dates; have a very Merry Valentine’s; everyone; thank  you for reading, au Revoir; My Fair Lady! How much do you care for me; please don’t break mine heart’s; that’s about it; may we say “Farewell!”

P.S. All my images are legal & have a magic ending please! 

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Recipe 66 : Pokemons, Road to Victory’s!

Hello everyone, scuse me; mind me please; some Mudkips’ foods or Pikachu’s one... I am Sir Pikachu or Mr. Mudkips please! Very cute indeed or fine enough!

Please mind some foods from the Pokemons’ anime & some Pikachu’s, mine favourite or “Pikachu’s; I’d choose ye!”

Everyone; please mind or care for Pikachu’s or Mudkips, take care!

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Heberger image

Heberger image

Friday, January 25, 2013

Recipe 65: Fried Bananas, say please!

May you please or might ye have some please;  howdy My Diary’s; My Name is Miss Amie; Some Asian’s Bananas;  if “as you wish”, Sirs or Ladies!

Bake or fry as per instructed (oven-baked over 350-375 Celsius), add in some banana’s flavours or some salt or some spices (cinnamon; & so on) & some peanut butter!

Have a fine & nice treat; everyone please;  oh please;  Good afternoon!

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Recipe 63 : Asian Mints!

What’s up everyone? Shall we please right no; My Dear Diary’s? Some Asian mints’s for you all today’s:

Some of them at least for your tastes please! I am Miss Lauren; or Mrs Colleen, hi?

With some dishes or drinks too please, after your lunch; have some please; Ladies or Gents!

I shall speak to you anon or later!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Recipe 63 : Oh Sweet’s Honey Miss!

Hello or hey everyone; My sweet Diary’s; I’m Miss Honey, how are you? So honey’s sweet or very fine indeed, from Bees, we Asian do love to eat it boiled & cooked or heated (over 350-75 Celsius)!

So battered in light beers or with wings  & with coulées  & please some sweet aromas or juices; per or such as (orange; tangerines, teas & chocos; strawberries; wines; champagnes; in fact!) or some cooked creams; as per mine instructions please; my Good Lady or Sir!

Please mind some coffees as well in it & some spices (cinnamon; muskades...)

That’s so very fine or sweet indeed; love you to bits; I’d bid you Good Night!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recipe 62 : Oriental Jams or Preserves!

Hi everybody... Good Morrow.... My name is Hailey... & some jams for you: some fruit’s one with choco-strawberry-mint!

Cook or boil over (preheated oven 350-375 Celsius)...& have some banana ones or berrie’s or peanut buttered  toasts indeed or even some cinnamon’s; some spices...

Serve hot & spicy as well or not? What’s not to mind about it? Enjoy a healthy breakfast please! Cheers & toasts; everyone! Have some tea & coffee with them please! C’est la vie & voilà!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recipe 61: Vitas’ or Asian’s Fizzy Lizzy Drinks!

I just had some Asian fizzy lizzy drinks from me...! I am Miss Naomie Waits or Miss Phoebe from Friends!.... Some for you anyways! I just had some indeed!

Vita’s fizzy amazing drinks, or sparkling; shiny waters or light beers, to cook in or not! Serve along with BBQs, & etc; etc...

Have some please anyways & feel free or worth to comment or  thine favourites; Sirs or Ladies!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Recipe 60: Asian Burgers!

Coucou everyone, hai? I am Miss Katie or Mrs Diesel:

Here I go:

Some teriyaki sauce into it; some Ketchup, some Korean’s BBQ, brush into them nyways... so what? After it’s cooked, serve with some fizzy; sparkling drinks! See ya guys soon!

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Recipe 59 : Oriental’s Breakfast!

Hey you, you you; oi wee or Ahhh...  I am Miss Rinoa’s Heartilly or Lolli;  Mine Diary? I had in mind some Asian Breakfast just for you today’s!

Please mind you some rice’s soup, some buns & Asian pizza’s & BBQs if you will; some man  tous (fried or bak’d) yay really & some dumplings, some have some sushi; all in all!

Have or get a nice Breakfast & some ice cream or some yoghurt! Ciao ciao, see you all, Farewell or bai!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recipe 58 : À la Thaï

Ahoy or ohai pats pats or yummm mmm; everyone, Mine Precious’s Diary, I am Miss Lily Liqueur or Mme Thaï! Okay yeah fine, some Asian Patties for you all:

Some flour/dough or some noodles along with please your way, some meats (chicken, fish or whatsover) & spices: some curry, green or red as well! Bake or fry at or over (350-375 Celsius) ! or some sweet’s sauce or piquante one  all over or some peanut butter’s or some sesame; do you mind?

Also serve with some sparkling water or juices and rice please!

Whatever you fancy; Godspeed or Asap everyone, à la prochaine; ^^!  Till yond!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Recipe 57 : Oriental Desserts or Sweets!

Ahoy or ohai or hihou hihou... I am called or my name its Miss Lolli or Hello Kitty; so today’s some sweets or desserts for you all please!

Some bonbons or desserts for you: Hello Kitty Sakura’s sweets; some Japanese flour or dough Rolls !

Bake or fry up till or for about (375-400 Celsius) in wee or lil molds, & then serve onto plates or dishes, bai guys, go round, see you; <<3! Bottom line here: please go make some! Ain’t no or oi?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Recipe 56 : Orange’s Beef!

Hello everyone, good morrow; My Dear Diary? The name tis Lady Gaga, how are you? I’d love this per sure or in fact; I’m okay doky or so so...!

Please some fruits’ sauces or coulis or coconut’s sauce or almonds’s ones indeed eh: tangerines, oranges, strawberries, or other fruits as peaches! Some sesame oil & peanut butter as well, fry or bake them for (350-400 Celsius, & a while 15-25 minutes) fair enough eh?

Its now time to say: toute la fruit or nail it down guys or gals indeed!  Merci for reading, au revoir guys or everyone!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Recipe 55 : Dim’s Suns’!

Scuse me Sirs or Ladies; for seafood platters’ lovers or fans, hey My Girl’s Diary or Darling hey! Some of them for you todays! I am  Malid he girl?

Please do you mind or would you fancy some fish cakes, some veggies’ cakes indeed; some oysters’ or clams; some grilled aubergines, some Asian desserts or some Asian Hawtpots or BBQs (lambs, teriyaki, soups with crisps or fries) ; chicken wings; sushi; a lil or wee of Wasabi; soy sauce indeed or fairly so; dumplings so so much!

Bai bai, have a nice lil or wee of teas & bite-snacks guys or gals! At thine own’s will or leisure Sir or Lady!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recipe 54 : Garlic Potatoes (Fried or not)!

Some chips or french fries for you all here or there, oh c’mon or oh Good Lady’s Diary, fancy ; fancy meeting you here, mine Young Lassi, I am Miss Emilia!
Bake with some curry, garlic; tandoori, with Ketchup along too! Or condiments: sesame oil; fish oil; mayo; relish; some mustard, some BBQ’s chipotlé’s sauces or tobasco, peppers, mints; honey; shallots/onions! Sauces: anything you wish or want really!
Make sure to make some garlic mashed potatoes as well so yeah!
Just for you here today’s? Hit it right on spot; hang on or have a blast or some drinks also; bye guys! I am gratefully yours Misses or Ladies!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Recipe 53: Seafoods' Lasagna!

So yeah, eh or ohai? I got some right off or right on impulse kinda pasta or lunch fix, please! I am Melina, hey there? Welcome here Sir or My Queen’s Journal! Nice to meet you all here!  I am Miss Luna or Lauren!

Some pasta seriously or some noodles, bake for a whilst (preheated 350-75 Celsius) Along with some pasta’s sauce or some Asian BBQ’s sauce or some spices along (mint; pepper, salt; muskades; oregano; shallots/onions; fruits’ coulis; cinnamon; garlic; curry); some Alfredo; some spaghetti’s sauce over!

Some  celeris, some carrots; a wee of Ketchup or some seafoods or some pizzas (clams, anchovies; olives;

oyster) along! Have a blast & some drinks! Bye; bye! Yes way or no way?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Recipe 52 : Going Frugal today’s!

Would you please some rhubarb’s; some cinnamon, muskades, mints; parsleys, corianders; parsleys; coffees, I am Lady Galadriel or Shakira’s & etc or whatever, some strawberries; cheese, yoghurt; nuts; I’m quite frugal as or per say Sir or Lady!
Cook for about (3-5 minutes; for about 350-375 Celsius); serve along with some rice or desserts; ice cream; or drinks along all right or some light beers!
Have a nice day or dessert or some cakes! Charmed or not by it?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Recipe 51: Asian Junkies Huh?

Yummy yummy quickly quickly scuse me, for mine Diary’s pleasure or compliments;

Get some crisps or fries with Ketchup indeed or course! Bake some crips or fries along with some condiments (relish, mustard dijon & mayo & BBQ; teriyaki’s sauce or soy sauce or vinegar!)

Get on some cinnamon, tandoori, sparkling stuff or spices as in ( shrimp’s powder, or sushi’s tempura; noodles’; pizza’s ones; hamburgers’; cheese; chicken; aubergines; indeed or fair enough eh?) Bake or fry for about (20-35 minutes’ long)!

Have a nice snack or lil treat or some drinks or juices! Bai, take care! Oh cool or not?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Recipe 50 : Milk’s Coffee; Right way; Oh please!

Yay or yah yah; get some fresh beans like or as in a morning dew, fancy seeing you here or there; My Sweet’s Diary or Miss Fair Maiden or oi why or huh? I am Miss Ivy; what are you on about; erm erm!

Brew or infuse them into some coffee’s machines, & then get them out; drink it all Sirs or Missies; hang on there, go round or get ahead plox everyone else! 

Serve also with some desserts; some cakes, crepes & rolls, some sweeties!

Add in or mix in some soy milk’s cream or sugar if you will or not; bai bai; love you to bits; till yond! Right away bai! Come & get them!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Recipe 49 : Couscous!

Heya guys or ahoy all, welcome aboard to mine space ahoy; my Dear Lady Diary! So so, some couscous for ye all, I am Miss Lily Liqueur, & get some rice, cleaned out & steam or fry or sautée it all with veggie or meat’s sauces over or coulis or etc; hurgh.... anyways; hai?

So cook for a while (preheated oven or stove 350-75 Celsius) & let it simmer for a whilst eh? ¸

& then essientially so or in a nutshell, its thus, how amazing or healthy is that or it? Have a nice romantic dinner, tatta! Have a jolly good one too!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Recipe 47 : Quiches, Asian Way!

All right; yo man or dude; oi why or wherefore; get some Asian’s cheese,  ahhhhhoy really awesome indeed! Hello Mine Darling’s Diary, how are we todays! For mine Diary’s Sake or on mine hand, I’d get some peanut butter, bake along with some cinnamon, sausages; rice; some butter; some soy milk (preheated stove 350-375 Celsius!) some olives!

Get some Ketchup’s  & relish, mustard dijon; garlic; curry; have a ice cream or crepes or cakes; some chocos; some fries & crisps (sweet potatoes’) indeed or course yeah yeah some drinks & alcohols  ahoy!

In conclusion; bai bai, see you round or have a nice ev’ning or cya next time; am I not right?!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Recipe 46 : Fois Gras

Its so so so ammmazing; oh cough cough; oi hoorray hoorray or y**or ohai;  so stunning, & fois gras (made of duck’s paste; honey; relish or mustard) with rice or sparkling water, & breads; cheese; curry; garlic; bake a while into some  Asian olive oil (over 350-75 Celsius) Oi My Queen’s or Princess  Diary; Whitney Houston here!

Its French by the way or in fact; anyways... & wines, I’mma make you champagnes & ciders & some cokes!

Serve along with some Asian nuts; fruits (berries; apples... pears...)

Have it along with some crisps or fries; breads; fish n cold meats; Asian junks! Assp** or not? Nightie everyone; please do  enjoy or take a break oi please?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Recipe 45 : Rice’s Recipes!

Oh my sweet or fancy ones indeed or course guys or gals! Hello Young Lass Journal, how are you todays?

Get some sweet rice, cleanse it & cook or bake or sautée or fry them or steam or boil along with fries & crisps, a sweet sauce over it or some BBqu’d fish & chicken or some seaweeds & shrimps , & some fruits (bananas, pineapples fair enough; tangerines)!

Serve along with Ketchup; BBQ sauce & sushi & teas & drinks & some pizzas; some sweet’s yoghurt! I shall rest mine case or am I thyne most conveyed! & Have some desserts or coffees along or salads, bai bai!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Recipe 44 : Grill’d Shrimps & Veggies!

So why hey  there everyone or folks! I am Madeleine or Juliette or JK Rowling or  Miss Meyer’s; or hun here, I am here todays to speech to hummm erm erm or cough cough; about some grilled shrimps & veggies!

1.       First off: please get some shrimps & veggies or fries or crisps, Portuguese sauce or whatever tis fine, some tomatoes’ sauce!

2.       Also please make sure to  get some honey, relish, mustard or BBQ’s sauce or Chipolé’s; nuts; cheese Parmesan along with some tempura’s sauce or sushi powder’s!

Serve along with a sweet coulis or sauce as well or some teas & drinks; get some desserts (e.g: chocos; ice creams, bûches...) & most of all: salads n fruits along! I shall rest mine case or bottom line of the story; thats how ya fancy it; go round bai bai; kisses; kisses; huggles; huggles!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Recipe 44 : Grilled Cheese Sammiches!

Hummm hey; yeah; I am Molly or Bella Cullen… on todays... I’m going to speech about some grilled cheese sammiches, some fixes! Wahou wahou, oh my or oi wow, please kay, oh God or Oi Holly Molly:

1.                   1.  Get some cheese parmesan, cheddar, swiss’s cheese & others along

             2.  Get some soy milk’s bread instead of regular ones!

       3. Bake them into oven or stove or just microwave them along or some salads & fruits                 & cheesecake!

Serve along with drinks & alcohol, dare you spare a wee of thoughts or comments for me onto them; thanks ye all!

Recipe 42 : Asian Nachos!

Why hello or hai there or here or Oi Jeez  there M’Lord... or M’Diary... how are yo todays? Cough cough... hummm Anyways todays some Asian Nachos for everyone; right on impulse kinda thing or recipe! I am Alicia’s Keys or  guys or gals!

Please get some fries or crisps & cook along with some Asian handmade Ketchup; along with bacons bits; croûtons’ bits; Asian’s parmesan’s Cheese... some fish oil & so on so on (preheated oven 350-75) along with some fruits’ coulées or some teriyaki, BBQ guacamole sauces or some peanut butter as well!

& also add into some spices: cinnamons, mints; curry, garlic; shallots/onions into it!

Oi please I’m begging of ya all; thanks for having me here!  Hit on or not; Sirs or Ladies?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Recipe 41 : Wahàhà Drinks Plox!

Awww or dawww or Ohai...please mine Dear Journal…please please oi get some yoghurt or some milk’s drinks’, shake them along with some soy milk or cream; do so well... with pineapples... oranges... tangerines; melons along! Hey folks... whats going todays? I’m Miss Rosalie right oh!

Add in some berries... chocolates or goatcheese indeed or fair enough!

Serve along with some snacks or treats... such as or like: lil pizzas; cheese; crisps or fries;  sammiches, hotdogs... Do ya mind or would ya scuse me or pardon me Sir or Dear Diary! Aye or no? Have a dessert along with them! Ev’ning guys! For to go or for here then?