Saturday, January 12, 2013

Recipe 51: Asian Junkies Huh?

Yummy yummy quickly quickly scuse me, for mine Diary’s pleasure or compliments;

Get some crisps or fries with Ketchup indeed or course! Bake some crips or fries along with some condiments (relish, mustard dijon & mayo & BBQ; teriyaki’s sauce or soy sauce or vinegar!)

Get on some cinnamon, tandoori, sparkling stuff or spices as in ( shrimp’s powder, or sushi’s tempura; noodles’; pizza’s ones; hamburgers’; cheese; chicken; aubergines; indeed or fair enough eh?) Bake or fry for about (20-35 minutes’ long)!

Have a nice snack or lil treat or some drinks or juices! Bai, take care! Oh cool or not?

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