Monday, January 14, 2013

Recipe 53: Seafoods' Lasagna!

So yeah, eh or ohai? I got some right off or right on impulse kinda pasta or lunch fix, please! I am Melina, hey there? Welcome here Sir or My Queen’s Journal! Nice to meet you all here!  I am Miss Luna or Lauren!

Some pasta seriously or some noodles, bake for a whilst (preheated 350-75 Celsius) Along with some pasta’s sauce or some Asian BBQ’s sauce or some spices along (mint; pepper, salt; muskades; oregano; shallots/onions; fruits’ coulis; cinnamon; garlic; curry); some Alfredo; some spaghetti’s sauce over!

Some  celeris, some carrots; a wee of Ketchup or some seafoods or some pizzas (clams, anchovies; olives;

oyster) along! Have a blast & some drinks! Bye; bye! Yes way or no way?

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