Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Recipe 55 : Dim’s Suns’!

Scuse me Sirs or Ladies; for seafood platters’ lovers or fans, hey My Girl’s Diary or Darling hey! Some of them for you todays! I am  Malid he girl?

Please do you mind or would you fancy some fish cakes, some veggies’ cakes indeed; some oysters’ or clams; some grilled aubergines, some Asian desserts or some Asian Hawtpots or BBQs (lambs, teriyaki, soups with crisps or fries) ; chicken wings; sushi; a lil or wee of Wasabi; soy sauce indeed or fairly so; dumplings so so much!

Bai bai, have a nice lil or wee of teas & bite-snacks guys or gals! At thine own’s will or leisure Sir or Lady!

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