Saturday, January 5, 2013

Recipe 44 : Grill’d Shrimps & Veggies!

So why hey  there everyone or folks! I am Madeleine or Juliette or JK Rowling or  Miss Meyer’s; or hun here, I am here todays to speech to hummm erm erm or cough cough; about some grilled shrimps & veggies!

1.       First off: please get some shrimps & veggies or fries or crisps, Portuguese sauce or whatever tis fine, some tomatoes’ sauce!

2.       Also please make sure to  get some honey, relish, mustard or BBQ’s sauce or Chipolé’s; nuts; cheese Parmesan along with some tempura’s sauce or sushi powder’s!

Serve along with a sweet coulis or sauce as well or some teas & drinks; get some desserts (e.g: chocos; ice creams, bûches...) & most of all: salads n fruits along! I shall rest mine case or bottom line of the story; thats how ya fancy it; go round bai bai; kisses; kisses; huggles; huggles!

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