Monday, January 7, 2013

Recipe 46 : Fois Gras

Its so so so ammmazing; oh cough cough; oi hoorray hoorray or y**or ohai;  so stunning, & fois gras (made of duck’s paste; honey; relish or mustard) with rice or sparkling water, & breads; cheese; curry; garlic; bake a while into some  Asian olive oil (over 350-75 Celsius) Oi My Queen’s or Princess  Diary; Whitney Houston here!

Its French by the way or in fact; anyways... & wines, I’mma make you champagnes & ciders & some cokes!

Serve along with some Asian nuts; fruits (berries; apples... pears...)

Have it along with some crisps or fries; breads; fish n cold meats; Asian junks! Assp** or not? Nightie everyone; please do  enjoy or take a break oi please?

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