Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recipe 42 : Asian Nachos!

Why hello or hai there or here or Oi Jeez  there M’Lord... or M’Diary... how are yo todays? Cough cough... hummm Anyways todays some Asian Nachos for everyone; right on impulse kinda thing or recipe! I am Alicia’s Keys or  guys or gals!

Please get some fries or crisps & cook along with some Asian handmade Ketchup; along with bacons bits; croûtons’ bits; Asian’s parmesan’s Cheese... some fish oil & so on so on (preheated oven 350-75) along with some fruits’ coulées or some teriyaki, BBQ guacamole sauces or some peanut butter as well!

& also add into some spices: cinnamons, mints; curry, garlic; shallots/onions into it!

Oi please I’m begging of ya all; thanks for having me here!  Hit on or not; Sirs or Ladies?

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