Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recipe 58 : À la Thaï

Ahoy or ohai pats pats or yummm mmm; everyone, Mine Precious’s Diary, I am Miss Lily Liqueur or Mme Thaï! Okay yeah fine, some Asian Patties for you all:

Some flour/dough or some noodles along with please your way, some meats (chicken, fish or whatsover) & spices: some curry, green or red as well! Bake or fry at or over (350-375 Celsius) ! or some sweet’s sauce or piquante one  all over or some peanut butter’s or some sesame; do you mind?

Also serve with some sparkling water or juices and rice please!

Whatever you fancy; Godspeed or Asap everyone, à la prochaine; ^^!  Till yond!

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