Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Recipe 41 : Wahàhà Drinks Plox!

Awww or dawww or Ohai...please mine Dear Journal…please please oi get some yoghurt or some milk’s drinks’, shake them along with some soy milk or cream; do so well... with pineapples... oranges... tangerines; melons along! Hey folks... whats going todays? I’m Miss Rosalie right oh!

Add in some berries... chocolates or goatcheese indeed or fair enough!

Serve along with some snacks or treats... such as or like: lil pizzas; cheese; crisps or fries;  sammiches, hotdogs... Do ya mind or would ya scuse me or pardon me Sir or Dear Diary! Aye or no? Have a dessert along with them! Ev’ning guys! For to go or for here then?


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year !!!

China: I never try Mengniu, Yili, and Wahaha
Canada: I I try Dairyland Canada
America: I try Country Fresh Dairy, American Dairy Brands and others


Naiwen said...

please get or for great justice; please do in fact over here: