Monday, December 31, 2012

Recipe 40 : Salmon’s tartare!

Hey hey how ya going or wassup all? I’ve just met ye all; quickly... quickly everyone! So yeah todays one mine Agenda or for Mine Fine Diary’s Sake... or for great justice along!

1.        Get some salmon minc’d n tartare’s sauce along with fruits (apples... pineapples... oranges; tangerines... pears... coconuts)...

2.       Cook along with soy milk’s breads (not white nor brown)... with some red sugar instead too along! (preheated stove over 350-400 Celsius)

3.       Serve along with some chocos’ mints n creams!

Serve along with some wines n teas n rice cocktails (Sangria n Pina coladas...Strawberry Daiquiris) along! Have a nice ev’ning...  take care! One moment plox? All Hail's n good Fortunes everyone or Sirs or Missies!

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