Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Recipe 27 : Aneth teriyaki Roasts or Onion Rings


Héé yeah yeah; salut name tis Monica here, youn man or erm erm, mmm! Yo; please get some teriyaki sauce, some onion rings... n some shallots/onions eh? A few recipes to make here Dear Sir?

1.       Grill away along with some teriyaki, honey, mustard n relish... so on, so forth; Ketchup.

2.       Some sushi powder, some tandoori... some aneth  too; some spices hawt in fact or tbh eh? Thai curry, red or green eh?

3.       A wee of spare ribs with it as well!

 Make some fries n crisps or chips outta them too! Bai, nice to meet ya, ciao ciao! Take it or leave some comments?

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