Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Recipe 27 : Pizzas! Indian!


Hello or howdy mine Diary! Oi oi! How is it? Todays going to be about Indian pizzas... miam miam, or herm herm .... I’mma going to deliver a few... decisions, lunch fixes... I’m Lucy...

Anyways, lets go, or hai five!

1.       Bake some dough/flour, n them  into some oven... n get them out when ready! Or fine in fact.

2.       Next point; sprinkle or spread onto some aneth; teriyaki, indian spices (tandoori... mmm...) some Indian shrimp powder; tomatoe...

After all, thats thats... serve along with some teas n drinks! N some ice creams some desserts!... some fruits along, bai ya crazy bitch! Some comments, questions please for me? Have a nice or jolly good read, ladies n gents! Take care! Next; I’ll be taking ya to the dance floor! Going somewhere? 

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