Sunday, December 30, 2012

Recipe 38 : Wines n Dishes or Meals!

Oi my... or oh oh oh... So yeah yeah or héhéya or wow... yo... aye aye... ya know... first comes first served or imo really... some wines n cookies along n nuts ditto or in fact! Mine name tis Gladys or Xtine I’ve landed or say Oi!

I’mma makya champagnes or white wines or ciders n cookies (Wasabi ones or teriyaki n nuts)! Mix along with red sugar (into the wines or champagnes eh? )... n with teas... serve fries n crisps (Ketchup) some BBQs; some Parmesan cheese; junks (pizzas n burgers... yiii) salads or have a sammiche along or right?

Some comments for me plox? Some final questions also? Nice to meet ya cya! Have a Happy New Year! Where ya think ya going baby?

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