Thursday, December 27, 2012

Recipe 35: Chinese teas n Cookies!

Well well; Hello ...guys n gals...oh how ya going, so long time no see... I am called Rachel or Coco... so yeah todays on mine Diary some teas n cookies! Shall we? Wahou wahou, whats the matter?

Please first off  get some teas ... (Long Jing branded n Woo Long ones); from taiwan or China really or honest here or there, n then get some Asian cookies : coconut; almond’s pockies or hou... whateva... infuse n brew them into some machines... n then serve along with fries n crisps along too!

1.       After that; bak’e along with some rice n etc; or whateva fine or nvm okay?

2.        Some fruits into it along!

Alas; in short or in essence, thankfully or gratefully yours! Have fun n enjoy! Ya a fan or not in fact; Dear Sir or Miss Lady or else?

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