Monday, December 24, 2012

Recipe 32 : Mull’d Wines n Xmas teas n Gingerbreads!

Heya...guys n gals...oh by Jove... I am called Rihanna... so yeah todays on mine Diary some Xmas cookies, n teas n Mull’d Wines... yum... yum.... here I go... Good Morrow everyone, Merry Xmas! Oi wait wait or oh my... my...fiou...

Please firstly get some fermented rice wines... n some tea leaves, fresh as mornin’ dew... n some gingerbreads along! Some cookie dough/flour; bak’or fry them into oven (350-75 Celsius)...get on some or sprinkle onto some gingerbread, some cinnamon... some HK’s decorations!

1.       After that; cook along with some rice n etc; or whateva or nvm okay?

2.       Some cherries n some fruits into it!

3.       Eat with a Xmas choco mint n cream cookie..

Alas; in short or in essence, thankfully or gratefully yours! Have fun n enjoy!  Migh ye all live in healths n spirits!

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