Monday, December 31, 2012

Recipe 40 : Salmon’s tartare!

Hey hey how ya going or wassup all? I’ve just met ye all; quickly... quickly everyone! So yeah todays one mine Agenda or for Mine Fine Diary’s Sake... or for great justice along!

1.        Get some salmon minc’d n tartare’s sauce along with fruits (apples... pineapples... oranges; tangerines... pears... coconuts)...

2.       Cook along with soy milk’s breads (not white nor brown)... with some red sugar instead too along! (preheated stove over 350-400 Celsius)

3.       Serve along with some chocos’ mints n creams!

Serve along with some wines n teas n rice cocktails (Sangria n Pina coladas...Strawberry Daiquiris) along! Have a nice ev’ning...  take care! One moment plox? All Hail's n good Fortunes everyone or Sirs or Missies!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Recipe 39 : Ducks’ Recipes!

Ahoy ahoy or hey how ya going or you yeah yeah yeah Merlin?!... Ben le Bonjour... My Diary Oi Great one... everyone from the UKay.... howdy mine sweet Diary... how are we todays? Morrow... some duck’s recipes... 3 ways to go... Heya... I am Bella... or Carley Rae Jepsen or Stephenie..!

Please get some duck’s minc’d n bak’d along with some sesame or fish oil or BBQ....into the oven they go... (over 350-75 Celsius...)

1.       Get some duck’s... minc’d along into some oven or stove...    

         2    Set it into some plates along with some Pekin’s sauce (cucumbers... celeris...shallots/onions/mints/parsleys/corianders!) or roll it ovar... eh? Or all right or fine!

Serve along with some teas n veggies or rice.... Which get the cakes or do ya mind then them? So long farewell! Get me some comments mine way please? Cya laters!

Recipe 38 : Wines n Dishes or Meals!

Oi my... or oh oh oh... So yeah yeah or héhéya or wow... yo... aye aye... ya know... first comes first served or imo really... some wines n cookies along n nuts ditto or in fact! Mine name tis Gladys or Xtine I’ve landed or say Oi!

I’mma makya champagnes or white wines or ciders n cookies (Wasabi ones or teriyaki n nuts)! Mix along with red sugar (into the wines or champagnes eh? )... n with teas... serve fries n crisps (Ketchup) some BBQs; some Parmesan cheese; junks (pizzas n burgers... yiii) salads or have a sammiche along or right?

Some comments for me plox? Some final questions also? Nice to meet ya cya! Have a Happy New Year! Where ya think ya going baby?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Recipe 37 : Asian Popcorns; Way to go!

For to goes or take-outs! Knock knock knock...Oh God... Hey buddy or man or dude here or there or oi c’mon mate... or scuse me Sir or Sis.... here I go... XDD Name tis Melinda... or Lauren or Rinoa Heartilly... or Lily Liqueur!

Plox get some popcorns along n with some rice (mix into some 5 spices' mix or dip into drops of Wasabi)...  n then in fact microwave it for about 5 mins... n then get them out...

Serve along with fries n crisps please n some drinks along too! All right fine n dandy or fair really!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Recipe 36: Going veggies!

Heya... guys or or right or sup Sir; long  time no see... dun dun dun; fancy seeing you here there! Oi des fouff or yaha yahou! How do ya mine Diary? Going veggies  todays... ! Anne Rice’s here or  there!

Some beans n bacons along with fruits n coulis... hun; fry or sautée till tender!

Somethin  to drink along n some desserts or some BBQ meats! Cya laters!  Lets man the harpoons  then! What about  then! Kudos or whator any thoughts? Cheers &  toasts!

Recipe 35: Chinese teas n Cookies!

Well well; Hello ...guys n gals...oh how ya going, so long time no see... I am called Rachel or Coco... so yeah todays on mine Diary some teas n cookies! Shall we? Wahou wahou, whats the matter?

Please first off  get some teas ... (Long Jing branded n Woo Long ones); from taiwan or China really or honest here or there, n then get some Asian cookies : coconut; almond’s pockies or hou... whateva... infuse n brew them into some machines... n then serve along with fries n crisps along too!

1.       After that; bak’e along with some rice n etc; or whateva fine or nvm okay?

2.        Some fruits into it along!

Alas; in short or in essence, thankfully or gratefully yours! Have fun n enjoy! Ya a fan or not in fact; Dear Sir or Miss Lady or else?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Recipe 34 : For to go or Way to get!

Oh my... for  take-outs; or to eat out; hoorray; Asian ones indeed Sir or Miss Journal or Diary... oi heee? Just for peeps... some Dim Suns.... some teas n drinks... some eats n snacks yo folks? I am Gladys or Kaynil... or  Emma hai!

Get some crisps or fries... or some dumplings or go eat hotdogs or some burgers... or whatnot?

N some bak’d Asian junkies...: pizzas...n salads n some BBQs  (pockies... crisps or chips or potato crisps...) n soy milk too! Honey nuts... almonds... pockies!

Alas or after all, please some fish n chips along with (soy vinegar or teriyaki)... or some cheese, Asian.... Some a lil moment for me plox! Bai; bai or go on or along! Godspeed or ASAP; Sir or Miss!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Recipe 33 : Viet tonkinese Soups!

Yo chick or man or dude, sup? Hey you? Some recipes onto mine menu or mine Diary todays or on mine agenda... waou waou... some tonkinese soups!

1.        Get some rice, some water or soup n then, boil it or steam it ovar (350-375 Celsius)...

2.       Some vermicelli... along with it... some beef, some pork... let simmer for a while down...

3.       Serve along with BBQs n rice n some crisps or fries n sammiches.. some peas n veggies...

Till ya yonder, love ye all, thanks ye! How ye find? Flutters eyelashes mine way oi please!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Recipe 32 : Mull’d Wines n Xmas teas n Gingerbreads!

Heya...guys n gals...oh by Jove... I am called Rihanna... so yeah todays on mine Diary some Xmas cookies, n teas n Mull’d Wines... yum... yum.... here I go... Good Morrow everyone, Merry Xmas! Oi wait wait or oh my... my...fiou...

Please firstly get some fermented rice wines... n some tea leaves, fresh as mornin’ dew... n some gingerbreads along! Some cookie dough/flour; bak’or fry them into oven (350-75 Celsius)...get on some or sprinkle onto some gingerbread, some cinnamon... some HK’s decorations!

1.       After that; cook along with some rice n etc; or whateva or nvm okay?

2.       Some cherries n some fruits into it!

3.       Eat with a Xmas choco mint n cream cookie..

Alas; in short or in essence, thankfully or gratefully yours! Have fun n enjoy!  Migh ye all live in healths n spirits!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Recipe 31 : Sweet Crisps or Potatoes!


Please enjoy, oi or oh hai hai... todays on mine Agenda o clock or Diary, some sweet potatoes or crisps n chips... Sirs or Misses... I know some DNW, DNW, but I do do... in fact Sir or Miss Meyer... hai I am Kaynil... welcome onboard or abroad...

1.       Get some sweet potatoes, peel or mince them indeed or in fact or course...

2.       Sure sure after it, fry them or bak’ them up (preheated over 350-375 Celsius)... into oven!

3.       Or make sure ya make some purée outta them along onto some Ketchup, condiments, spices.... salt n pepper, mint....

Before ya came into mine life, I missed ya so wrongly or so bad... or n’est-ce-pas? Do ya believe into them! Expect what  to expect or the unexpected no? How much do they mean to ya? Thanks for readin or the attention bai! Please, tell me what ya think? Till then, bai...!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Recipe 30 : Boil’d or Steam’d Chicken


Imo imo or ahaha... hey baby... or coming from me or kay kay... or Welcome Aboard! Miss Journal! Hey, I’m called Shakiras...héeeh? Or here I am Miss Jo Rowlin....

1.       Get some chicken, nuggets, cleanse or boil n then steam or fry... with coconuts or almonds n fruits (pineapples, coconuts; almonds... ) right Sire or Miss? Or some curry, red or green eh? Or fry away along with sushi or tempuras’ powder, at ya will really...

2.       Cook or boil it or bake it or fry into some oven (350-75 celsius)... let it simmer down for a few while or whilst hey?

3.       Serve up along with some fries n crisps or rice... n salads... or teas n  drinks!

4.       N oi my get some Sakuras n Roses n Lavenders, Rosemaries...  mints along too!

5.       Turn them into some molds... n serve up along with some teas n drinks...

6.       Batter along with coke, light beers!

I beg of ya, some comments? Oi please? Enchantée Sir or Missy! Are ya onto mine side or with me on it?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Recipe 29 : À la French or Française…. but Asian!


Oi or yo sup? Or kay...Guys or gals… or youn lass or man... so yeah, shall we Sir or Miss Diary? How ya going/ how do ya do? C’mon..... name tis Claude... or Miss Renesmée or Rosalie... eh? Or Loli... or yummm....

1.       Oh boy, get  some apples.... cinnamon, cheese parmesan... Asian ingredients... sweet so... fish n chicken...

2.       Get some red hawt peppers or chili... too or curry...yo?

3.       Some drinks along with some pineapples... n mangoes... n cherries...

4.       Cook for a whilst n after it, get them out..

I’mma make ya champagnes or wines...(all Asian  though)... or chocos along with mint, cognac, cider, champagne... coulées... inside of them...

Cya laters, thanks guys! How ya find or how about  them? Have ya any retorts about them?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recipe 28 : take ya to the dance floor; Asian Party!


Ohai or oi really folks... or ahoy, ahoy... Dear Sir or Miss... some dance party foods...  or get it started.... say Hello or howdy to Mine Dear Diary..... Could ya scuse me or I’d beg ya pardon Miss or Sir?

So yeah, some dance floor’s foods for ya:

1.       Sammiches, hotdogs.

2.       Fries n Crisps... Bangers n Mash... Fish n Chips...

3.       Cokes, Sprites....

4.       Cocktails n light Beers... or Brews... eh? Or oi?

After all, thats thats... serve along with some teas n drinks! N some ice creams some desserts!... some fruits along, bai ya crazy bitch! Some comments, questions please for me? Have a nice or jolly good read, ladies n gents! Take care! Next; I’ll be taking ya to the dance floor! Going somewhere?  I mean, course, all Asian eh? Pizzas or pogos or junks anyone here yes? Some cocktail dresses along eh? Got on or not? Party crasher or...? Have a karaoke too or mmmkay my sweet? 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Recipe 27 : Pizzas! Indian!


Hello or howdy mine Diary! Oi oi! How is it? Todays going to be about Indian pizzas... miam miam, or herm herm .... I’mma going to deliver a few... decisions, lunch fixes... I’m Lucy...

Anyways, lets go, or hai five!

1.       Bake some dough/flour, n them  into some oven... n get them out when ready! Or fine in fact.

2.       Next point; sprinkle or spread onto some aneth; teriyaki, indian spices (tandoori... mmm...) some Indian shrimp powder; tomatoe...

After all, thats thats... serve along with some teas n drinks! N some ice creams some desserts!... some fruits along, bai ya crazy bitch! Some comments, questions please for me? Have a nice or jolly good read, ladies n gents! Take care! Next; I’ll be taking ya to the dance floor! Going somewhere? 


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Recipe 27 : Aneth teriyaki Roasts or Onion Rings


Héé yeah yeah; salut name tis Monica here, youn man or erm erm, mmm! Yo; please get some teriyaki sauce, some onion rings... n some shallots/onions eh? A few recipes to make here Dear Sir?

1.       Grill away along with some teriyaki, honey, mustard n relish... so on, so forth; Ketchup.

2.       Some sushi powder, some tandoori... some aneth  too; some spices hawt in fact or tbh eh? Thai curry, red or green eh?

3.       A wee of spare ribs with it as well!

 Make some fries n crisps or chips outta them too! Bai, nice to meet ya, ciao ciao! Take it or leave some comments?