Thursday, December 20, 2012

Recipe 28 : take ya to the dance floor; Asian Party!


Ohai or oi really folks... or ahoy, ahoy... Dear Sir or Miss... some dance party foods...  or get it started.... say Hello or howdy to Mine Dear Diary..... Could ya scuse me or I’d beg ya pardon Miss or Sir?

So yeah, some dance floor’s foods for ya:

1.       Sammiches, hotdogs.

2.       Fries n Crisps... Bangers n Mash... Fish n Chips...

3.       Cokes, Sprites....

4.       Cocktails n light Beers... or Brews... eh? Or oi?

After all, thats thats... serve along with some teas n drinks! N some ice creams some desserts!... some fruits along, bai ya crazy bitch! Some comments, questions please for me? Have a nice or jolly good read, ladies n gents! Take care! Next; I’ll be taking ya to the dance floor! Going somewhere?  I mean, course, all Asian eh? Pizzas or pogos or junks anyone here yes? Some cocktail dresses along eh? Got on or not? Party crasher or...? Have a karaoke too or mmmkay my sweet? 

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