Saturday, December 22, 2012

Recipe 30 : Boil’d or Steam’d Chicken


Imo imo or ahaha... hey baby... or coming from me or kay kay... or Welcome Aboard! Miss Journal! Hey, I’m called Shakiras...héeeh? Or here I am Miss Jo Rowlin....

1.       Get some chicken, nuggets, cleanse or boil n then steam or fry... with coconuts or almonds n fruits (pineapples, coconuts; almonds... ) right Sire or Miss? Or some curry, red or green eh? Or fry away along with sushi or tempuras’ powder, at ya will really...

2.       Cook or boil it or bake it or fry into some oven (350-75 celsius)... let it simmer down for a few while or whilst hey?

3.       Serve up along with some fries n crisps or rice... n salads... or teas n  drinks!

4.       N oi my get some Sakuras n Roses n Lavenders, Rosemaries...  mints along too!

5.       Turn them into some molds... n serve up along with some teas n drinks...

6.       Batter along with coke, light beers!

I beg of ya, some comments? Oi please? Enchantée Sir or Missy! Are ya onto mine side or with me on it?

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