Thursday, January 3, 2013


Recipe 44 : Grilled Cheese Sammiches!

Hummm hey; yeah; I am Molly or Bella Cullen… on todays... I’m going to speech about some grilled cheese sammiches, some fixes! Wahou wahou, oh my or oi wow, please kay, oh God or Oi Holly Molly:

1.                   1.  Get some cheese parmesan, cheddar, swiss’s cheese & others along

             2.  Get some soy milk’s bread instead of regular ones!

       3. Bake them into oven or stove or just microwave them along or some salads & fruits                 & cheesecake!

Serve along with drinks & alcohol, dare you spare a wee of thoughts or comments for me onto them; thanks ye all!

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