Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recipe 54 : Garlic Potatoes (Fried or not)!

Some chips or french fries for you all here or there, oh c’mon or oh Good Lady’s Diary, fancy ; fancy meeting you here, mine Young Lassi, I am Miss Emilia!
Bake with some curry, garlic; tandoori, with Ketchup along too! Or condiments: sesame oil; fish oil; mayo; relish; some mustard, some BBQ’s chipotlé’s sauces or tobasco, peppers, mints; honey; shallots/onions! Sauces: anything you wish or want really!
Make sure to make some garlic mashed potatoes as well so yeah!
Just for you here today’s? Hit it right on spot; hang on or have a blast or some drinks also; bye guys! I am gratefully yours Misses or Ladies!

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