Friday, January 11, 2013

Recipe 50 : Milk’s Coffee; Right way; Oh please!

Yay or yah yah; get some fresh beans like or as in a morning dew, fancy seeing you here or there; My Sweet’s Diary or Miss Fair Maiden or oi why or huh? I am Miss Ivy; what are you on about; erm erm!

Brew or infuse them into some coffee’s machines, & then get them out; drink it all Sirs or Missies; hang on there, go round or get ahead plox everyone else! 

Serve also with some desserts; some cakes, crepes & rolls, some sweeties!

Add in or mix in some soy milk’s cream or sugar if you will or not; bai bai; love you to bits; till yond! Right away bai! Come & get them!

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