Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Recipe 47 : Quiches, Asian Way!

All right; yo man or dude; oi why or wherefore; get some Asian’s cheese,  ahhhhhoy really awesome indeed! Hello Mine Darling’s Diary, how are we todays! For mine Diary’s Sake or on mine hand, I’d get some peanut butter, bake along with some cinnamon, sausages; rice; some butter; some soy milk (preheated stove 350-375 Celsius!) some olives!

Get some Ketchup’s  & relish, mustard dijon; garlic; curry; have a ice cream or crepes or cakes; some chocos; some fries & crisps (sweet potatoes’) indeed or course yeah yeah some drinks & alcohols  ahoy!

In conclusion; bai bai, see you round or have a nice ev’ning or cya next time; am I not right?!

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