Friday, November 16, 2012

Recipe 100: Curry Rices

So ohai, c'mon guys or yo man, or oi  waves at ya guys, todays on mine menu or mine agenda or on mine clock, some curry rices, as Jason's put it or circled it there... I'd command it or salute it... but anyways or in fact, some of them heres on mine clock todays...

1. Get some cleaned through rice, a bowl, & along with or blend/mix them up with some curries, or some shrimps, or seafoods/veggies into it (all sorts combined: red/green or even brown)...  & throw into it some sugar & etc, or whateva too... mix it up altogether, saffrons, or whateva... it don't matter really or even some relish, mustard, honey, or Ketchup, "any condiments ya wish or want really..." XDD or TBH... here or there!

 2. Then get it into an oven, bake them up or steam it up (into a rice cooker)... stir a wee bit the cooker whilst or when doing so or thus... or even fry or sautée it up as "thine will or whateva ya wish or want)... XDD

3. Serve up along with french fries, candies, or crisps... or chips too... or with some drinks, e.g: Daiquiris, Amarettos, or Sangrias... "do whateva ya like with it really..."

Anyways or by the way or in fact, I do love it with all mine heart or with a burnin passion towards this matter though... Serve up along with some tea, some soft drinks (case into point): coke, sprite, or other dishes: garlic potatoes, buns & etc, or whateva, it doth not matter really... Some comments please say the word? Some cristicism about it? XDD Whichever ya like? However way ya like it? This is mine passion towards foods or this is just me, but what about thine? Either way works anyways or in fact! Or by the way, throw into them some cummings too... nutmeg, & red hawt chillis... or green peppers... too. Along with what would thine eat them? How ya doing it? After all, lets strike up a convo? What do ya think about Indian Buffets/cuisine in general? I fell under a spell with them in fact or anyways... here or there... How ya appreciate/fancy them all? Could be Egyptian, or Indian or not in fact... XDD To thine choice really.

Curry Shrimps with Rice! 

Curry Rice Salad! XDD

Curry Rice with garlic Potatoes! 

Curry rice with Mushrooms! 


wyldeflower said...

They all look really tasty ..A great meal or snack..

ProTechModz said...

I love shrimp so I am wondering how good the curry shrimp will be

Naiwen said...

Pretty good I'm sure!

Daisy said...

I love anything to do with curry, as you know. :D
The curry rice with mushrooms looks yummy. I know quite a lot of people don't like mushrooms though.

Naiwen said...

Well ya know what, actually I do love it in fact or fell under a spell with them too! After mine trip to India eh?

Demonskeith said...

Can't say any of these look good, but they do look perfect.