Friday, November 2, 2012

Recipe 83: Of Seaweeds?

Yo man or dude, oi howdy? Oh my Gawd, goodness here or there, todays on mine agenda or menu some light snacks or treats about seaweeds such as: sushi, salads or whateva or even from seaweeds' cakes to dumplings. So, lets get or put the emphasis on these seaweeds anyways or in fact here... let me put it out here or there, or get them outta nowhere or its on the spur of the moment kinda things...

1. Get some seaweeds obviously cleaned through... & wrap or roll them into some rice (alon with vinegar or soy sauce). & Roll or wash the rice afore or before doin so eh?

2. Get some into them salads too, also add in the mix alon with some sesame, nuts, some Topioca, spice them up too alon with some red curry or green ones or etc, so on, so forth, some meats too if or just in case ya like it that way, some seaweeds course or indeed too or as well get in or drop into it some instand noodles too.

3. Some Seaweeds' Soups: same thin or along the lines of the other ones too, though could use some soup instead of it, heat it up first hand.

4. Sushi Pizzas: get some bakin powder, get it into some mold, "any models ya wish really).  Wrap around them some seaweeds or get onto it some caviars... or get round or onto them anyways or by the way here or there eh?

5. Seaweeds' Dumplings: use the aforementionned dumpling's recipes. But or though could agree alon with some seaweeds instead of it (insert into them some seaweeds, microwave them up or fry them or BBQ them up as ya will really.

 6. Fries or Crisps alon with seaweeds: instead of dipping them into Ketchup, relish, pepper or whateva, or any other condiments, just go with the seaweeds' bits eh?

7. Seaweed Rolls: Deep-fry some dough. ...or get into them some seaweeds too... or some fungi, some mushrooms or some spices...

8. Some seaweeds alon with noodles: fry or sautée up some instant noodles, & then drop into them some rice or sprinkle on them some seaweeds & some Kimchi...

Tips or FYI here or thar: eaten with chopsticks or some Wasabi dips or some Rice Teas too or Saké... XDD dip into them at least. Speak up thine mind about those? Which ones ya like or mind better or got a soft spot for or got a partiality to? I'm fond of the sushi crisps, & as weird as it might come off to ya, I also fancy or digg the fries & really into the rolls, (seaweeds' ones). Lets chat about them, shalt we get fired away or started or pumpin? A few second thoughts/comments on them? What say ya, pray tell? Thats all I could ask of ya... XDD Say the word please? In fact, I just had or got some todays: bak'd eels... or even get some gingerbreads! TL; DR, just eat them all really!

Bak'd Eels! 

Seaweeds' Noodles! 

 Seaweeds alon with some Rice Cakes!

Seaweed Crisps! 

Fries along with Seaweeds! 

Sushi Pizza! 

Seaweeds' Salad! 

Seaweeds' Rolls! Yummy indeed! 

Sushi Rolls! 


pacisangelo said...

They look super yummy.

They look good

Naiwen said...

indeed or course or yeah. XDD

Daisy said...

They all look so delicious. I love seaweed, most predictably with sushi.

Anonymous said...

Those seaweed fires look really good!

Naiwen said...

which ya like better or best? Or one could hold the candle to the other?

Demonskeith said...

I'll never understand how people can eat seaweed. Can't stand the stuff.

Naiwen said...

lawl, to each their own, or whateva works for ya eh? but or though for me, tis an FTW.

Kaynil Roczuz said...

Seaweeds doesn't look as good as those images suggest, haha.

I guess salad would be the one I am less likely to try but the sushi, filling and powder seems pretty nice.

Naiwen said...

I wouldn't mind them either, in fact, I just had some yesterdays at mine friends! XDD twas yummy or scrumptious or tangy!

Hotspot said...

I didn't know people eat Seaweed!
I think the Seaweed crisps and seaweed fries look interesting.

Naiwen said...

tis another side of the viewpoint or another handside no? XDD