Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Recipe 105: Late Snacks or Treats

So Ohai or Oi there, hooray, heys guys, how is going mine Babe? Omg,  so yeah, first off: I'm going to be offline or about to be likely to post less or not at all, because of bs or crappy or sucky e-connections so yeah.. & IE not working, so yeah but or though, whateva, lets not mind it for nao or ATM... For thine's tastes,  I'll be delivering up or get it flowing, got in fact some lil recipe or fix for a late owl or midnight's owls tastes... Lets simmer down chocolates ones for ATM or right nao... so yeah, yeah, I'll be on here or there once in a blue moon too so yeah! Oh fuck this shite too man or lady!

1. For a sweet-tooth nao, in fact, go get or eat some chocolates, bak'd cookies, some mochi, Sakura cakes, some Asian mousses & etc, etc...  Asian ice creams or sherbets! What sweet seductions or temptations lie afore or hold before us eh?

2. For those whom are not ones, I'd suggest some Asian pizzas, crisps, or chips, or even some sushi, some noodles, get also some dumplings too or in fact.

 3. Some hawt coco or lattés or even get or drink some flavoured hawt milk, & to simmer thinself & to calm thinself too... so yuhu, exactly! Get some marshmallows onto them too or in fact!

4.  Some soup-desserts too (sweet chocolaty soups... almonds soups). Or coming up with some peanut butter into it too,  so yeah heres an FYI as to how to: get some cut chocolates, & almond pieces in & then into the oven they go, & then boil them up or steam them up & then serve hawt onto a plate or into a bowl! Along with some sugar or extra wee of cream if or just in case "ya want it..."

5. Get some Ma Huas, sweet or salty or not...

After thats gotten over with, get or go to or long for sleep once again! XDD

How thine find them? Get me or grant me some comments for me please? Anything else, plox lemme know too! Ciao ciao, laters! Whats thine opinions about them?  Herd or got wind or a glimpse about them? Praytell, thanks! Which thine fancy better or how? How much thine care about them in fact? With all that said, I'd like to get up the next matter: party lefthangovers! See ya laters or talk to ya guys or ya all! Make thine move too! & Damn this shit too, f**** you Internet! See ya round or Au R'voir!

Sweet Ma Huas!

Salty Ma Huas! 

Almonds' Sweet Soup!

 Lychee Ice Cream!

Almonds's Cookies with red Tea! 

Pizza Cakes with Cheese onto it! 

Strawberry Chocolates! 


Daisy said...

That almond soup looks so delicious. Almond cookies are delicious too, but I have had them in the form of a macaroon.

Naiwen said...

yeah yeah exactly so or thus! do try please in fact!

Giorgios said...

The Pizza cakes look adventurous. However, is that mustard on top of them? If so, that would make for a sour, yet exciting pizza pie!