Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Recipe 106: Lefthangers!

Ohai or oi or ahoy guys, over here, or overs from yesterday or the party afore too so yeah... c'mon guys, lets get going here or there with them. I've got some onto mine silver platter or table too... So yeah, mine name tis Lee & yaya... & oh boy, they're really delicious too! Tis a leisure activity that I'm fond of too.

1. Step one: some  fries or crisps from yesterday... or the party afore... or even some rice indeed or course!

 2. Some bouchées (quiches, & etc, or whateva...) ... & pizzas, course!

3. Some dumplings (along with Terriyaki sauce over it too), some nachos with Indian flavours or spices (tandoori, saffrons, cumming... or whateva else too)...

 4. & After  that done  with, get some potatoes, Club Sammiches, seriously or honest here too... (fruity flavours or meat or veggies, do whateva ya like or mind you really)...

5. Get after it, swallow up some BBQ meats: fish, porks, chickens or whateva too or in fact or onto skewers or brochettes (brush onto them some Terriyaki in fact do please!), or hamburgers too along with them or even some nuggets or into pops too.

5. Then mind the drinks: cokes, sprites, & cocktails along with some Sangria, some Chinese reds or whites...  by the way, also get some juices (oranges, lychees, chrysanthemums, brambleberries & sugar cane's one too)

At last or simple as that or it, art thou or thine a party pooper or crasher or not? Whichever ya like? Thine kind words with a cherry on top please! All twas said so yeah, see ya later on, ev'ryone, take care too. Some questions? Don't hesitate to ask here or there! See ya all round or I shall rest mine case/boat along too or in fact! Thine impressions there or here guys or gals? Hate or lurv? Hang on tight there or here!

Dumplings with Terriyaki onto them! 

Terriyaki Crisps, low in fat ! 

Hamburgers: Terriyaki Chicken! 

Terriyaki BBQs

Indian Nachos !

Red Beans' teas!


Daisy said...

I love the sound of the Terriyaki chicken burger. I don't really like beef much, just chicken burgers.

The Indian nachos look lovely too, especially if they had some spices on top. c:

Naiwen said...

wherefor thanks for it! Right back at ya!

Giorgios said...

The Terriyaki Chicken Burger looks good, though seems like a little big strong. Maybe mix up some tzatiki(Greek cucumber sauce) as well as ketchup and mustard, and slather it on the chicken. Sounds amazing right now!