Friday, October 12, 2012

Recipe 63: Asian Snacks or Treats!

So yeah, lets get down to the nao... Hey guys, hows it going/doin? XDD with Asian chips... very tasty ones in fact.  Off I'd go here or thar... lets get this party fired away here or thar... or roll it with it anyways..

1. Get some potato chips finely cut or diced or minced... get the in a pot/fryin pan... fry the up or BBQ the up, then get the outta thar or it, or get or drop in some cheese in it too, some creamy ones in fact...

2. Get in alon with it or get ya hands on some : Masala chai, some Indian spices as or like or per: cinnamon, curry... pizza spices... or some croutons in it too.. or as well... some cheese curry... rose... perfumes... Asian Ketchup... chilly hawt spices...fennel, cumin, nutmeg... or assort with: some ginger, Wasabi... Kimchi.. or sour cream & onions, Asian Jalapenos... Viet Parsley, Coriander... guacamole, salsa Asian ones by the way...fries-flavored ones too in fact...some Onion Rings... some fish. Tandoori spices...dill pickle spices too... or some hawt sauces alon the lines: tobasco, chipotlé... or some sushi could work well alon with these too really, tis an understatement... spices like or for example: some Kebab ones... garlic ones...too or likewise... or even some fish/chicken.. or meaty flavors... XDD make ya choice anyways or by the way. Get some instant noodles too to flavor the up or spice the up... fries-tasted... cheese ones too, tangy, zesty... some veggies ones too..some burger ones too or some Dim Sum's too as well..

3. Eat alon with cocktails such as Pina Colada, Daiquiris, Margaritas & etc...

Its quite in fact exotic... get or keep hangin , bye! Its similar to those anyways, so yeah, feast thine eyes on it, get ya hands on the in a supermarket... Some feedback on the? What do ya think? Some thin as alon the lines of the too: fish n chips... or some Asian spices ones too in fact: some shrimp spices ones too. Or some general tsao ones too... which ya like better/prefer? FYI: hawt, so yeah, caution with the or careful alon with the! Second views on the? Ya cuppa tea? What floats ya boat? Also some sushi ones in fact, I do fancy the too, my cuppa tea.. Next up would be about some: Dim Sums... To each their own... Get tuned, bye! Laters! I shall rest my situation/case with the fact that whichever works for ya eh? What do ya think? Whats ya impressions on or of those/the? Might come off as exotic.

Lays' Curry Chips!

Tandoori's Spices, hawt!

Pizza's Chips! !

Onion Rings' Chips!

Hawt n Spicy!

Asian instant Kimchi!

Some Chinese Desserts!

Strawberry Asian Fondues!

Kit-Kats! Green Tea ones!

Wasabi Cookies! 

Asian Cookies!

Salty Buns!

Asian Fries!

Marinated Kimchi!

Asian Yoghurts & Teas!

Aubergines' Asian fried!

Asian Instant Beef Noodles!

Korean Styled Noodles. instant ones in fact!

Japanese Cupcakes alon with Cherry Blossoms/Orchid Blossoms!

Sushi Chips!


Demonskeith said...

If I had to say you guys have better snacks than here in the states.

Naiwen said...

oh well, a shame or a pity eh? XD come by or round China some time or once in a blue moon?

Fullmoon said...

Chooorrr, Those Noodles look nice!!
Green Tea kit kats?! I am actually quite intrigued!

Kaynil Roczuz said...

Oh yes, I want to have those green tea kit Kats some time they look really good.

Thanks for the tip for the chips, I will try out some asian spices next time I fry them to give them a special touch.

In chips flavours, here we have our share. I like the sweet chicken ones.

Naiwen said...

ya sweet-tooth, eh Kay? XDD A wee bit of it anyways...

Daisy said...

I would kill for those Japanese cupcakes. They look so beautiful! The strawberries with suits looked funny. xD
And am I wrong, but are Lays actually Walkers? Or are they a partner brand? Because they both have the same logo.

Rick Ace said...

Well, these foods are exotic. I haven't seen any of those products except or the pizza chips. Unfortunately, in my opinion,that was the least delicious food in the list. xD We got to import some asian-style lay's chips (spicy).

Naiwen said...

ya have got a leg to stand on anyways...

PandahFish said...

The Salty buns make my mouth water but just by the name I get the feeling that if I eat one. I'll have to chug down a glass of water xD

I've noticed that in lots of asian foods like the," Kit-Kats! Green Tea ones! " there's always green-tea flavored food? Why is that? Is it popular over there or something?

Naiwen said...

yep, they're quite in or in the current... in fact... XDD

Hotspot said...

Lot's of really interesting food choices here!

Naiwen said...

Cool or fine enough here or there, good sir! or boy!