Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recipe 76: Mongolian Stuff!

Okay, so yeah, all right here folks or guys lets take it off, whats the matter with ya all here or down there?  I'm gonna talk about somethin I've taken to or had it right out on mine way on a plan so yeah! Lets get on another chat todays! Somethin rather heavy, not light, so lets get serious/honest here or thar, its a "I'm always loving it"... XDDD Not for the faint at hearts either... lets get it outta the window here, guys! Shalt we get started? I want to spill mine heart/the beans to ya all here or there, off I'd go too, lets get mine meaning across by postin up some examples:

Lets get analyzin them with a fine toothcomb: only Mongolian Nobles  had it... so not for people from all walks at all. So yeah.

1. So yeah, how to: just could use the aforementionned BBQ recipes... & mulled wines'... instead though, use some lambs or porks to BBQ them up.... or some Mongolian squeezed fresh milk in the morrow.... or some beef slices too... as ya wish really & Mongolian Milk Teas!

2. Get or grab a cuppa goat milk & some creamy cheese to accompany or combine it altogether... or some spices: cinnamon, some muskade, oregano, thymes... & etc, so on... & most importantly, not to get missed: the Xing Jian spice rolled round it!

3. Get them together's too with some teas, & some other drinks anyways or some other stuff to eat...  Oolong teas too..

 4. Get some desserts as in: mochis, chocolates (made from fresh Mongolian Goat Milk & Cocoa)... some coulées... & soome Yoghurt, fresh creams (made outta the Goat Milk too or likewise)

5. Make some soaps outta those things too, some candies & etc, so on, so forth...

Just in case or if ya got what I meant, they eat it raw too sometimes or once in a blue moon, or once in a whilst... For ya or not? If case not, then how come not? Just in case so or thus, why? Is it to thine flavor? After somethin that heavy's down, just get some fruits like or as or per: berries & cherries & peaches, blueberries or bramble ones! Then, its gonna be about some shallots/onions pizzas! Get hangin, bye guys! Have a nice day/lunch! Some aren't overly partial to goat/meat, or cheese, but yeah, its all fine & dandy with me too, but yeah, I'll fancy them on brochettes or skewers, but thats mine two-cents here or there eh... also get some spices round the brochettes to enjoy, thats how its done over in Mongolia, what about ya? How ya fancy them?

Fresh Goat Cheese! 

Fresh Goat Milk!  

Goat Meat with Rice & Veggies & Noodles! 


Daisy said...

I don't actually like goat milk or cheese. I'm not really sure about the goat meat either, I haven't tried it before.

Naiwen said...

thats all fine & dandy or ok alon with me too, daisykins! Anyways, I shall be postin up some other stuff too: some recipes in store for ya all.

Demonskeith said...

I did try goat once, really didn't care for it so I doubt I would like any of this.

Naiwen said...

thats okay, not a problem alon with me either, Keith. XDD

88Kay said...

That sure looks interesting. Not my kind of dish though.

Naiwen said...

not a problem here or there, boy!

Hotspot said...

I think the fresh goat cheese kind of looks like a specific kind of cake for some reason. XD