Saturday, October 27, 2012

Recipe 77: Onions/Shallots

Oi heya, hai guys or Miss Madam or good lady or good Monsieur or Sir, ding dong everyone, oh my goodness gracious, on this afternoon, whats up with ya all, todays on mine menu some recipes about shallots/onions, or how to cook them, ya could make some pizzas or some soups outta them or some teas too... or some buns as well so yeah, lets get ahead with them... Firstly, get ya hands on some: finely cut shallot/onions... I've got or came up with just like a wee bit of them, lets get it outta the way, anyway or by  the way or in fact... so yeah! I must confess I got a likin to them.... or for them at least so yeah lets get on to another chat with them.

1. Drop them in some already made soups, pizzas, buns... or some other meats like or e.g: teas or etc, casseroles, some buns alon with: bacon pieces & onions! Get on some spring rolls or some imperial ones too (deep-fried) or even drop into some rice soups too with garlic & fried! Enjoy! Feast ya eyes onto the! & get them on some dumplings too a ya want really, at ya own free will! Really!

2. The pizza how to: get some pizza dough/flour/oil/, & sprinkle on some shallots/onions, set them in a mold (mini, or a big one, its an "anythin ya wish really"), bake them into the oven, then get it out to enjoy... so yeah... XDDD get onto it some parmesan or some swiss sprinkles too or as ya wish really.

3. Or even get them on some BBQs as well or some sushi, Terriyaki dishes too! Or as well! So heck yeah! Just for the fun of it! Into some meats: chicken, wings, fries... too!

4. Or even get them on some: pies, some tarts, puddings...

5. Get some onion rings, non-fried, & then get on them some of them (onions), & then bake them in preheated oven or fry them or grill them up (350-75).

They are indeed or course very good for ya health! So yeah, some comments mine way? Thanks folks, have a nice evenin, evenin!  Perfect for a late snack or cravin! XDDD A rate or two? Thanks! Have fun with these! So yeah, I thank ya all for readin! Bye! Up next would be about some Indian Yoghurt's that comes in with many flavors or bloomin in health too or as well. To make a long story short or in essence or in brief, here or thar, thats it, thats all guys for todays! Which takes it to thine heart?

Onion Rings alon with Pork Chops! 

Potatoes with Onions! 

BBQ Ribs with Onions' Potatoes!  

Buns with Shallots & Bacons inside! 

Dumplings with Shallots & Vinegar! 

Chinese Pizzas!


Demonskeith said...

I'm not big on onion taste, so I'll skip a few of these but the rest look good.

Naiwen said...

okay yeah, all fine alon with me eh?

88Kay said...

I'll try everything onetime. Never say no to food. :D

Brad said...

Looks real good too eh? Yum. I like that Chinese Pizza.

Erik said...

Those all look great, you've got a nice blog going here.

Naiwen said...

oh ya name its Erik, the Phantom... eh? XDD similar to him or alon the lines of him anyways or by the way or in fact here or there?

StevenF50 said...

Yay! Onions! Yum!

Giorgios said...

Dear God, the pizza looks amazing.

The potatoes and onions look just right for a small sampling of finger foods maybe at a small get together.

Awesome Recipe Naiwen! :)

Naiwen said...

I swear to Gawd, really, lets face it here or there, very fine & dandy in fact! & not too shabby nor wrong either! Cheers with ya eh?

Daisy said...

The pizza and the dumplings look delicious. I'm not that much of a onion-lover, but they could be good to try.

Naiwen said...

thats okay alon with me too... no worries! all fine & dandy.